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Benefits Parents, Student-Athletes, Coaches, Athletic Directors, Counselors, and College Coaches.


  •  You will work with a team of local, well-respected, experienced and knowledgeable professionals including college graduates and former college players who will guide your family through the college planning and recruiting process. 
  • Opportunities for your child may include earning a scholarship and gaining admission into the college of his or her choice.

"Before we met with Jennifer, we were completely lost and overwhelmed with this process.  It fact, we really weren’t aware of everything involved, and we did not know where to start.  Jennifer was able to help us understand more, answer many questions, get on track and most importantly put together a plan for our son which started by targeting “realistic" colleges for both academics and soccer.  This meeting was by far, the most effective meeting we've had as a family since our son started high school.   Any parent who has a child interested in playing college sports should at the very least, schedule a meeting with Jennifer; she is very knowledgeable, and she’s also a great motivator, coach and inspires young people to each their full potential." 


  • Learn what it takes to get the winning edge, and how to get recruited by the “realistic” colleges of your choice.
  • Learn life skills that include sales, marketing, business, networking, persistence, and confidence, all of which is needed to succeed. 

“I just want to say thank you for all your help in making this process happen!   Before we met, I had no idea what to do, and then during out initial meeting, Jennifer helped me to realize that I can play in college, and also understand there are so many opportunities out there I am unaware of.  I also had no clue about questions to ask college coaches, how to follow-up, and a whole lot more.  I am very excited for college next year; thanks again!” 


  • Coaches depend on us to provide current and up-to-date information surrounding college sports recruiting and more.
  • Coaches also rely on us to educate families about the role of their coaches in the recruiting process.

“Thank you for taking the time to host a presentation for our programIt was excellent and I know that our team and parents got a lot out of it.  Also, it was just what we needed to get the team focused for the upcoming season!”


  • We offer college recruiting education presentations for parents and student-athletes as well as presentations for counselors who may be interested in learning more about the college recruiting process.
  • We provide valuable and resourceful information about college recruiting, the NCAA Eligibility Center, and more.

“Jennifer and her business, College Sports Quest are doing some really great things to educate families.  She is local to Orange County.  The thing that I really like about Jennifer’s approach is that she is not one of these “run of the mill websites” that charges families a lot of money for not much service.  She adds a personal touch to the college search that is very, very unique to the college recruiting process.  I highly recommend her to our families and to our athletics programs!”


“Thank you for taking the time to come speak to all our counselors.  You were very impressive!   Your presentation wasn’t only informative, but also engaging and energetic!  Thank you again for sharing your valuable information.”


  • College coaches are actively seeking talent from southern California and Orange County areas hence we assist college coaches in identifying prospective student-athletes.
  • We act as a “liaison” between college coaches and families; college coaches provide us with information to pass along to families such as program needs, academic requirements, recruiting timelines, advice for parents, scholarship & financial aid information and more.  

“Thank you for helping us college coaches to get the right information to parents and student-athletes.  We realize the process may be very difficult for many families, and so, we really do appreciate your efforts to continue to educate them.  And, what an amazing niche to be involved in, and with such a hot bed of talent!  We wish you continued success!”